Smoothie Restarts

If you’re like me, you’ve indulged hard this holiday season. So many delicious holiday treats. I am back to just craving healthy foods that don’t leave me feeling sleepy or bloated or just really full.  These smoothie recipes are a good way to get some hydration and vitamins in the morning without feeling so heavy. It’s a great way to kick off the New Year and really feel your best by getting essential nutrients. Choose your favorite flavor for a Read More >>

Gluten Free Vanilla Coconut Pancakes

Sometimes, you just want breakfast, for dinner. It happens. I do think breakfast foods, like eggs, fluffy pancakes and some salty breakfast meat can really hit the spot sometimes. My version of comfort food looks something like this.  I’ve wondered why these foods are traditionally eaten in the morning, in America.  Tonight, I went all out and even made the pancakes from scratch because I’ve wanted to try a new flour. The selection I chose tonight was coconut flour. Yep!  Read More >>

Super Simple Burrito Bowl

From time to time, I love to talk about some ingredients I really like. There is a particular brand of beans I really like that I’ve been eating for many years.  One of the good things about it, is the seasoning inside. The beans have some mild spices in them that really perk up the rest of the meal they accompany. It’s  a nice opportunity to make something simple and flavorful without a lot of work. I love Burritos but Read More >>

Mushroom And Asparagus Quiche

Eggs are a super food and known for all of their versatile uses.  I do believe you can serve eggs in America at any meal and not feel like it is inappropriate.  My boyfriend and I will very often eat eggs for dinner in one form or another. For us, eggs are satisfying. I have an awesome egg recipe here that you can pull out any ol’ time and its quick and easy. For the quiche in the picture above, I did Read More >>