Spinach And Salmon Pasta Salad

We love fish in the Pacific Northwest. We have plentiful areas full of rivers and oceans to harvest items like salmon and crab that are local literally in my neighborhood or region. It’s great when you have the opportunity to utilize local ingredients in creative ways.  There aren’t a lot of foods that could top just snacking on crab legs with melted butter but it’s not too creative of a meal. The only fun you would get from that on Read More >>

Mango And Cod Tacos

Fruit salsa is a great thing to have around for picnics and potlucks this time of year. Making a fruit salsa from scratch is really easy. It’s a great topping for salads which I eat all the time when the weather is warm. You can use fruit salsa as a chip dip and you can use it to top chicken, beef, fish or even tofu.  Don’t forget that fruit salsa can be really good on top of desserts too.  There are Read More >>