Easy Homemade Veggie Marinara

One of the challenges of cooking for people is finding options for those who are picky or others who have just a small amount of foods they can eat or will eat. Sometimes there are reasons why some people cannot eat certain foods such as foods that are spicy or extra acidic or some highly sugary fruit. Its easy too for people to feign an allergy to broccoli or tomatoes. I do my best to serve a balance of diverse foods and familiar foods. I place a great Read More >>

Mushroom And Asparagus Quiche

Eggs are a super food and known for all of their versatile uses.  I do believe you can serve eggs in America at any meal and not feel like it is inappropriate.  My boyfriend and I will very often eat eggs for dinner in one form or another. For us, eggs are satisfying. I have an awesome egg recipe here that you can pull out any ol’ time and its quick and easy. For the quiche in the picture above, I did Read More >>