Light Veggie Spinach Dip

If you’re going to a potluck party, this is a delicious dip that tastes great as a vegetable dip or is often found with little chunks of sourdough bread for dipping. This will last on a buffet table for a couple of hours and YUM! Bonus..there are a few vegetables in it. You are going to want to use one 10 oz package of frozen spinach and then thaw and drain it very well.  It works the best in this Read More >>

Spring Soba Noodle And Edamame Salad

One of the trickiest allergies that I, as a chef work with on a daily basis is an allergy to soy and products that contain soy lecithin.  I would like to take a brief moment to speak on why soy is so widely used in The United States starting with the fact that it is inexpensive and plentiful here and in many countries globally. Because soy is so versatile, it is commonly grown. You can notice the versatility of soy just Read More >>

Edamame And Vegetable Rice Noodle Salad

One of the best things about these noodles is that they are a blank canvas for whatever you want to add. They are great for a quick side dish or you can make a full meal deal.  Rice noodles are naturally gluten free and they take just a few minutes to cook. You can find rice noodles at many supermarkets. If you’re a busy person, this is a very good recipe to have. I’d like to tell you about this Read More >>

Yellow Curry And Lentil Dip

I really love making dips.  They are a versatile option when an impromptu guest arrives.  Dips are also satisfying. If you don’t know what to bring to a potluck, you can easily throw a bunch of veggies together and add an easy ranch or hummus. This curry dip I’ve come up with, is delicious and very easy to make.  It has a unique subtle charge of flavor that is really good with pita or crisp carrots and celery sticks. This dip Read More >>