Fried Green Tomatoes

I was meandering through a Farmers Market last weekend and I was seriously on the hunt for something different. Something I’ve not had in awhile or something truly new to me. I came across a few things but honestly one that caught my eye was just simply a basket of under ripe green tomatoes.  In the south eastern part of the United States, fried green tomatoes are a very popular food.  Now I don’t have a deep fryer at my Read More >>

Carrot Caesar Pasta Salad

This is one of the salads I made on our holiday weekend last week. It was a very popular and delicious dish.  I took a Caesar Salad and I added cold pasta, carrots and onions.  This salad was meant to be a side dish however I think you could easily add some meat or tofu and make this a full meal deal. Cold chicken, turkey, or tuna fish would be fabulous with the other flavors in this salad. When browsing Read More >>

Spinach And Salmon Pasta Salad

We love fish in the Pacific Northwest. We have plentiful areas full of rivers and oceans to harvest items like salmon and crab that are local literally in my neighborhood or region. It’s great when you have the opportunity to utilize local ingredients in creative ways.  There aren’t a lot of foods that could top just snacking on crab legs with melted butter but it’s not too creative of a meal. The only fun you would get from that on Read More >>

Asian Pear Salad

Apples are abundant in the state of Washington.  We are fortunate and can have a sense of pride here because apples are such a nutritional powerhouse.  They are so versatile too. You can enjoy apples a million different ways and they always hit the spot, don’t they?  I love how many different kinds of apples there are. Today though, I want to mention a fruit that resembles an apple in flavor (the guts, not the skin) that is now grown Read More >>

Coconut And Broccoli Salad

Oh Broccoli! You’re one of a kind.  Broccoli is such a dramatic food. It’s versatile too. You can see broccoli as a main ingredient like the recipe today or broccoli can take a backseat to be just a component in your meal. Either way, it’s a very delicious choice because of all of its amazing properties. I love to introduce fresh broccoli to toddlers by steaming it to get them used to the flavor. It has so many good vitamins. I often like to Read More >>

Couscous And Quinoa Vegetable Salad

This is a great vegetarian dish that I love to have as a side.  You can find many different couscous and quinoa blends at grocery stores now that I recommend as a side dish.  This is the brand of couscous and quinoa that I like. Are you familiar with couscous? Its origin is unknown but you will find it  eaten regularly in north Africa and now commonly found in Europe and The United States. Couscous is small little round shaped semolina Read More >>

BLT Salad with Tarragon Vinaigrette

One of my favorite things about this salad is that it is a deconstructed sandwich that has easily swappable ingredients. Certain ingredients can easily be swapped to still have the idea or flavor of a BLT sandwich without too much fat or calories. This is a ridiculously flavorful salad that I came up with by using leftovers. I mixed up some plain green cabbage with some shredded kale leaves and added some diced tomatoes and turkey bacon.  Instead of using romaine in this Read More >>