Chicken, Bacon And Ranch Pasta Salad

Welcome to the wonderful world of cold pasta salads. Have you been chowing down on them all summer like I have? This is a recipe you must try tonight because I already know it will be a hit. I used to work as a waitress while I was in college and the chicken sandwich with bacon and ranch dressing was a very popular item on our menu. I decided to somewhat replicate this salad with the flavors of the sandwich Read More >>

Carrot Caesar Pasta Salad

This is one of the salads I made on our holiday weekend last week. It was a very popular and delicious dish.  I took a Caesar Salad and I added cold pasta, carrots and onions.  This salad was meant to be a side dish however I think you could easily add some meat or tofu and make this a full meal deal. Cold chicken, turkey, or tuna fish would be fabulous with the other flavors in this salad. When browsing Read More >>

Chef Julie’s Cherry BBQ Sauce

There are so many options for you at the store for BBQ sauce. In the summer months when we are outside grilling more, I personally LOVE BBQ sauce.  So many of our favorite brands though include sweeteners that are not awesome like high fructose corn syrup. One way I like to get around that is just to cut down on the refined sugar by using natural alternatives like cherries or you could go with peaches too if you’d like. I Read More >>

A Berry Good Day Wrap

I had sinus surgery this week and I’m still in recovery mode but the ambition to create and the need to show more patriotism by sharing red, white and blue foods with my loved ones beckoned me.  I have a lot of love for our soldiers and love a day where we honor them in the past, present and future.  I truly believe this country is the home of the free because of the brave. My prayer for this holiday Read More >>

Asian Pear Salad

Apples are abundant in the state of Washington.  We are fortunate and can have a sense of pride here because apples are such a nutritional powerhouse.  They are so versatile too. You can enjoy apples a million different ways and they always hit the spot, don’t they?  I love how many different kinds of apples there are. Today though, I want to mention a fruit that resembles an apple in flavor (the guts, not the skin) that is now grown Read More >>