17 Delicious Salads For Summer 2017

17 Delicious Salads For Your 2017 Summer

Summer Melon Salad

This is an incredibly cute salad full of sweetness. It is a trio of melons with some crunchy  red radish and fresh basil. There is some crumbled bacon in this salad too to give texture and a little bit of saltiness. I would even suggest swapping with prociutto or sliced salami. It is very easy to make the little melon balls with the correct tools. I would suggest getting the kids involved in this recipe. It is a great way to teach children about food when you get them to help you prepare it. Try this recipe from John Hall and myrecipes.com.


Photo Courtesy of:  Greg Dupree

Vinaigrette Coleslaw

At a BBQ or a holiday summer picnic, you cannot go wrong with the most delicious and classic coleslaw. It is an inexpensive choice too.  The great part about coleslaw too is that it goes well with almost any main dish from hamburgers to grilled chicken to smoky and sweet ribs. This version of coleslaw from taste of home, is dressed with a sweet and tangy vinaigrette which makes it a light and healthy choice.



Roasted Potato Salad With Walnut Vinaigrette

Here is a very delicious looking potato salad that is incredibly unique. If you’re interested in a potato salad that won’t spoil in the sun because of mayonnaise or a lighter version of potato salad, I would definitely go for this Gold Star recipe. This potato salad includes a walnut and mustard vinaigrette on the potatoes and includes hard cooked eggs and walnut pieces in the salad too. This recipe which originated on Food52’s  “Mighty Salads”  blog post will surely be a delicious salad on your buffet.  




Margarita Salad

A delicious drink to have when the weather gets warm is a lime margarita on the rocks. I love this salad from Thyme & Love Food Blog which uses tequila and agave nectar in a salad dressing. Why not, right?  A little tequila for you to drink and little for your salad too.  This salad is all about the dressing but the other ingredients look very healthy and colorful too. There are bits of fruit, onion and spinach. I think you will love the flavor combination. I think this salad dressing is versatile and could work on many other green salads too.









Summer Tortellini Salad

This salad from palatable pastime food blog looks like a complete meal that still will easily double as a side dish on a potluck or a beautiful buffet. It contains some really yummy Italian flavors with cooked tortellini, salami, olives and mozzarella. I have seen a similar version in my local deli and with the Italian dressing, it is a really satisfying dish. You could easily make this a vegetarian option by omitting the meat and adding some tofu.


Soba Noodle, Salmon and Watercress Salad

This is a delicious looking recipe from Martha Stewart that contains one of the top exports from the Pacific Northwest. Salmon! Oh so delicious and delicate. You will love the flavor of the soba wheat noodles in this salad that really hold up on a buffet for an extended amount of time. The salad uses pre poached salmon that is cooled and flaked. I think salmon lox would really stand out in this recipe too.

Photo courtesy: MarthaStewart.com 






Patriotic Quinoa Salad

From the “Its Yummi” Food Blog, a delicious looking salad that I’m sure is very yummy. Fruit and Quinoa make this a healthy protein rich salad full of tart and sweet flavors. This is a very light salad dressed with a citrus vinaigrette which is a perfect summer time flavor. 

Photo Courtesy: ItsYummi.com.





Bacon, Chicken And Ranch Pasta Salad

Here is a really lovely chicken, bacon and pasta salad that is full of flavor. I think this is a great choice for a full meal deal. It is from the food blog called “Yellow Bliss Road.”  You’re going to love the ranch salad dressing mixed with the chicken and vegetables. The author of this recipe used crispy chicken fingers in this salad but of course you could add any type of rotisserie chicken or even some leftover grilled chicken.  It’s a super simple throw together at the last minute meal that will really hit the spot.


Crunchy Summer Salad

This salad looks so amazing. At first glance at the picture, I couldn’t tell exactly what all of the ingredients were but they are very colorful. After reading through the recipe, I learned it’s a delightful garden vegetable salad full of cucumbers, peppers and oh so bright summer tomatoes.  This looks like a terrific vitamin rich and very eye catching salad you will love on your summer spread.

Photo courtesy:  Cook For Your Life, Joe Gaffney





Blueberry Caprese Salad

From the foodie blog “Love And Olive Oil” come a really great salad that could be a beautiful addition to you summer buffet. It is a lovely red, white and blue salad that will be so quick to throw together and a very inexpensive choice too. With very little effort you can get this salad and a quick balsamic vinaigrette too.

Photo Courtesy:  Love And Olive Oil Food Blog 








Summer Salad with Shrimp

Shrimp, avocado and corn absolutely do go together and dressed up on bright green lettuce you have a beautiful picture. All the flavors of summer are here and it comes with a citrusy vinaigrette.  It seems as though the corn is grilled so that sweeter roasted flavor will come through.

Photo Courtesy: Domesticate me  Food Blog 





Easy Thai Steak Salad

This salad looks mouthwatering.  Seriously just reading the recipe got me wanting to grill up this steak with the Thai marinade. For carnivores and herbivores alike, you can throw this salad together for a great summer meal. Serious vegetarians could substitute field roast or seitan.


Garden Fresh Pasta Salad

This is a very colorful looking dish for a summer dinner.  Bright green broccoli, farfalle pasta and ripe, fresh summer tomatoes dressed in sundried tomato vinaigrette make this a tasty choice. To top it off the salad is topped with some tangy parmesan cheese.


Seafood Macaroni Salad

Yes! A delicious seafood salad to tickle your taste buds. What says summer like this creamy looking delight.  I imagine you could make it low carb by using gluten free pasta too. I love that she uses old bay seasoning and some Cajun seasoning in this salad dressing too. Two of my favorite flavors combined with the summer seafood would really hit the spot for dinner.

Photo Courtesy:  Iheartrecipes.com








Asian Salad Recipe

A nutty crunchy salad full of Asian inspired ingredients and a light sesame ginger salad dressing. This salad is packed full of vegetables and bright fresh colors. You will love the light fresh taste in this summery salad.


French Grated Carrot Salad

Oh how yummy this salad looks. Definitely a perfect summer side dish. I can imagine all of my fresh carrots coming out of the garden and being grated right into dinner. You could still get fresh garden carrots at your local farmer’s market this time of year too if you are not growing your own. This is a great salad from the Once Upon A Chef Food Blog.


Buffalo Chicken Caesar Salad

This salad from “How Sweet Eats” food blog looks mouth-watering and satisfying. I love spicy foods and I think taking the Caesar salad to the next level by adding some buffalo sauce and those big crunchy croutons would be just what the doctor (might) order any night of the week.









These salads are a combination of chosen variety to highlight some of the best flavors of the summer. Please feel free to browse these blogs for other wonderful food. The text in this blog post is my own. Photos are courtesy of their respective food blogs and recipe authors.